Meet Neil – Our Sculptor

Neil & Equine Carvings


'It is difficult to describe my art as it is constantly evolving.  I have worked for many years as a joiner/cabinet maker.  I have always had a love of carving, picking up my father’s chisels at an early age to create my first pieces without any formal teaching or guidance.  When I left school due to my family and educational background a formal art education was not an option, so I built my business using my Joinery skills, taking on small commissions.

But my dream has always been to be a professional artist.  Moving to Begelly House has enabled me to realise that dream, running courses from the studio and increasing the number of commissions.  Initially I believed that my skill was in my ability to recreate the beauty of nature in the medium of wood.  Many of my earlier pieces are well admired for the skill of the craftsmanship and the beauty and tactile nature of wood. 

However, I have come to understand that my true skill is the vision and imagination that I apply to my work – mixing media effectively and creating sculptures that have never been seen before and adapting to the style and values of the customer.  I love nothing more that meeting with people to discuss their vision for their project and derive a fantastic sense of achievement from producing something that they enjoy.



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